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TCG System - TeraNet Test
SIM Box Fraud Detection

TeraNet Test (TNT) is a comprehensive service indigenously designed and developed by Purgefraud to help detect Bypass Fraud.


OTT Bypass

Purgefraud is exuberantly working on path-breaking hybrid techniques and methodology to safeguard the Telecommunication sector from this manipulative ...


CAMS-An Insight of all Network trends

Purgefraud assists its customers by utilizing its syndicated CDR Analysis and Management System (CAMS) and Call Detail Records (CDR) analysis tool.


Trunk Analysis - "A" Number Interconnect Agreement Compliance Testing

Purgefraud provides extensive syndicated and customized Trunk Analysis to its clients. Trunk interconnect data is analyzed based on test calls which have been generated from Purgefraud's hundreds ...


False Answer Supervision

Purgefraud incorporates its proactive analysis technique to carry out early detection and elimination of FAS and ensures that the customer is not charged for non-conversational air-time.


SMS Bypass Fraud

Purgefraud's well-encompassing services can identify imbalances via its end-to-end active testing operations to help identify and eliminate discrepancies in the network caused by A2P SMS traffic.


CLI Availability Testing

Purgefraud's capabilities to provide significant quality testing, are based on the investment in call origination and termination points worldwide serves the forefront grounds ...


Quality of Service (QoS) &
System Upgrade  

Purgefraud renders a QoS testing service to network operators to maintain specific measurable QoS on their international interconnects for incoming and outgoing traffic.


Network Audit and Consultation Services

Purgefraud offers its unique Network Audit services to scrutinize the penetration testing of the network by penetrating test calls for all of the features of its service.


Purgefraud endeavors to build highly effective and mutually beneficial relationships with its channel partners. This co-branding relationship has facilitated the achievement of numerous milestones and has encouraged the development of cutting edge technologies and business models, thus enabling Purgefraud and its partners to continue providing industry leading products and services.

At Purgefraud, we partner with leading Telecom Regulators, Network Operators, and Telecom related organizations around the globe to utilize the strength and versatility of an alliance constructed from well-matched areas of expertise, and with pragmatic and comprehensive solutions, we have the ability to integrate seamlessly with our partners.Collaborating with Purgefraud not only enables its partner to further build and develop their consulting services, but also elevate the customer experience their company provides through the use of Purgefraud's technology driven applications and services.

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An innovative GUI, explicitly designed to help estimate Telecom Revenue loss.

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