Corporate Social Responsibilities

Purgefraud is a socially responsible entity that carries out highly innovative CSR activities with productive objectives and an above-satisfactory level of contribution to environmental concerns and societal welfare. The company aims to hold responsibility for community activities and to provide a positive influence on the environment and stakeholders including consumers, employees, investors, and communities.

Purgefraud is highly concerned with the issues of customer service. Thus, in decision making processes, our firm continuously endeavors to avoid actions that may rupture any regulation or negatively impact our reputation in order to avoid consumer dissatisfaction. Purgefraud possesses innovative offerings, valuable packages as well as a high quality of service.

Purgefraud contributes to the development of economic conditions by improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families. Many privileges have been provided to the staff such as medical treatment, advantages in communication services, and increment of salary.

In addition, Purgefraud is providing offers to university students to undergo practical training at their firms. We are providing several types of training

  • • Classroom Training Program
  • • Virtual Classroom Training Program
  • • Online Training Program
  • • Onsite Training Program
  • • Hybrid Training Program

All of these activities help the stakeholder to enhance their knowledge of the telecom sector and prepare them to work within a competitive environment and thus, aid Purgefraud in the fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility.

CSR is the continuing commitment taken by Purgefraud to strengthen its ethical concepts and social involvement in society, contribute to economic development, sponsor charitable programs, and improve the quality of the workforce and the increment of services provided.