Frequently Asked Questions About the Purgefraud

Purgefraud is a technology-based SaaS/PaaS business entity providing telephone network fraud detection, monitoring, and management services as well as consultative professional services.

Purgefraud, uses its following prime services for detection of bypass fraud:
• SIM Box fraud detection
• OTT Bypass Fraud Solution
• SMS Bypass Fraud Solution
• Trunk Analysis
• False Answer Supervision
• Quality of Service & System Upgrade
• CLI Availability
• Network Audit and Consultation Services, etc.

Yes, Purgefraud offers support services to its clients 24/7/365.

Purgefraud’s TNT services detects and eliminates bypass fraud types like Illegal SIM Boxes, Roaming, Premium Service (Phishing) and Subscription etc. which costs subscribers a huge amount annually.

Purgefraud, via its CAMS (CDR Analysis & Management System), provides bypass fraud and other types of network fraud detection services via passive methodology in which it analyzes the CDRs provided by its clients and detects bypass fraud in the network.

CAMS is the Passive method to detect fraud in which our system analyzes the client’s provided CDRs and detects Bypass fraud in the network.

The client provides daily CDRs to Purgefraud’s CAMS system. They are processed and reports are generated within specified number of hours. Various different reports and supporting data are provided showing the detected fraudulent numbers and explaining the type of fraud for which these numbers are on the report via ‘detailed report data’.

The client provides daily CDRs to Purgefraud’s CAMS system. They are processed and reports are generated within specified number of hours. Various different reports and supporting data are provided showing the detected fraudulent numbers and explaining the type of fraud for which these numbers are on the report via ‘detailed report data’.

Trunk interconnect data is analyzed based on test calls which have been generated from Purgefraud’s hundreds of internationally located probes, International Dial Out Locations (IDOLs). The TNT service compares the CDRs and the call records with the trunks to analyze the right selection of the trunk for each international call to avoid revenue loss due to Early Charging, Refile Agreement, Time Squandering and Duration of Call, Misuse/Improper Routing and Special Discounted Termination Rates.

Purgefraud Non-passive approach works by implementing the Purgefraud AFE (Active Fraud Elimination) hardware, CAMS Application, SBD application and Automatic calling generation system in order to detect the fraudulent calls, roaming fraud, phantom traffic, SIM boxes, stolen handsets, non-paying subscribers, interconnect billing errors, and many more.
Purgefraud’s Passive approach works by implementing the filters using CAMS software, AFE and SBD application. These filters can not only identify the fraudulent activity in the network, but also eliminate them in real-time, and maintain their record for future viewing. Once the fraudulent activity is identified, CAMS in relation with the AFE can tear down, block and re-route the fraudulent calls in real-time.

The combination of both, the AFE hardware of Active Approach and implementing the filters using CAMS software, AFE and SBD application of the Passive Approach together benefit the clients in purging bypass fraud.

Fraudsters install SIM boxes with multiple local SIM cards to redistribute the international calls from IP cloud to GSM network subscribers. This way fraudsters bypass all international interconnect charges by the use of SIM boxes.

Purgefraud detects FAS by spotting fake FAS indicators and providing results, which define routes with FAS Fraud issues.

Post Dial Delay (PDD) is the time between the start of the call and the moment the phone of the called party starts ringing. Average Success Ratio (ASR) is a measurement of network quality and call success rates in telecommunications.

Purgefraud’s TNT service usually generates following kinds of grey call reports on the client’s request:
• Off-Net
• On-Net
• No Caller ID
• Manipulated
• Operator based
• Country Based
• Time Based

Periodic system of report means that reports are generated on specified intervals upon the client’s request. Options being half-hourly, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

Purgefraud has been providing seamless services in detecting and eliminating bypass fraud for over 10 years.

Purgefraud, has spent its valuable years in Detecting & Eliminating Bypass Fraud & best understands the dynamics of this fast growing problem, which, undoubtedly, surpass any other solution available in the telecom world.

Apart from resulting in major revenue loss for the mobile carriers, the SIM box fraudulent calls affect the call quality and the termination service, which an average subscriber pays for and enjoys on a legally terminated call.

Outbound mobile calls are outgoing mobile calls made by the subscriber.

The fee a subscriber pays for the call services he receives from a telecom operator.

SIM Box fraud occurs in such third world countries where there is a huge margin between local and international calls giving fraudsters a wide sphere to cause bypass fraud and benefit from it.

The quality of calls can be affected in terms of service, network traffic flow, spectrum management and network utilization, software or device failure, delay, interruption, error, omission, degradation of voice quality, or loss of content, data, or information.

Purgefraud’s service models are based either on calls or on performance. TNT proposes certain solutions according to the ratio of fraud in that specific country.

Purgefraud POPs, which are more than 70 in number, are located in different continents around the globe.

MVNO is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that does not have its own infrastructure. Instead, it uses some other operator's network to provide services.

The CLIR service blocks calling party address information from being presented to the called user. With Caller Line Restriction you can keep your number private. Once you have subscribed to the service your number will not be displayed when calling a person or a company who has caller line identification.

In telephony, a non-listed number, silent number, unlisted number, ex-directory number or private number is a telephone number that is intentionally not listed in a telephone directory. These numbers are often linked to specific tests or control apparatus for the telephone network maintenance staff and are generally not for public use.

Purgefraud products and services benefit the companies/organizations like network service providers, mobile service providers and government network owners.

Grey number is the listed and unlisted number displayed on the CLI of the called party after the call has been routed via illegal GSM gateways. It can be classified as On-Net, Off-Net, manipulated and no caller ID number.

Purgefraud has been providing fraud prevention services and solutions to customers based in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Africa (Central and West), South Asia, and Asia Pacific.

Purgefraud provides Network Audit and Consultation services to its clients. This includes the vulnerability scan, compliance audit or security assessment of the network and other features of Purgefraud’s Purgefraud solution by sinking in continuous test calls. A unique characteristic of this service is that Purgefraud provides it for varying durations i.e. from one-day audit to monthly audit services of the Operator network. The consultancy report consists of all the findings in the operator’s network, with summary and detailed reports, where operator is potentially losing revenue.

Yes, Purgefraud provides services to landline as well as mobile operators.

International Dial Out Locations (IDOLs) or Points of Presence (POPs) are the locations from where Purgefraud operates its uninterrupted services for the clients.

Standard Termination Fee is the Soft Loss whereas the excess amount paid to the Adjacent Operator, for terminating the outbound calls generated by the SIM Box, is the Hard Loss.

The numbers to make calls on or termination probes, provided by the client for the purpose of fraud detection are known as Test numbers.

Purgefraud, to facilitate its clients, extracts data from the database through Web Reporting Tool, Desktop Reporting Tool, FTP Access and On-Detection.

Yes, Purgefraud provides free 7-day demo to its clients with NDA signed by the operators.

The Global Corporate Headquarter for Purgefraud operations is in Dubai. Other Regional Offices include its Engineering Operations Center in Islamabad – Pakistan, its Levant sales region office is in Beirut - Lebanon, and another sales office is in Chandler - USA.

We explicitly work on network testing in terms of QoS. We originate calls from different locations to client’s network in order to check whether they are facing routes issue or termination issue from different parts of the world.

We are offering QoS services for GSM and fixed line operators. Purgefraud is also offering telecom courses to corporate customers to keep their technical resources updated with new advancement in telecom sector.

Telecom operators like GSM and fixed line are associated with our company.

Yes, Purgefraud is a well registered business firm and it has spent years in serving different operators across the globe.

We have more than 20 (VoIP, GSM, Fixed Line) operators currently in use.

Purgefraud has been serving in the regions of Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.

We need connection for long distance international dialing which has cheapest calling rates for GCC, African countries, Asia and Europe.

Looking at the potential of the telecom industry and fast growth being witnessed in the industry the profitable opportunities for service providers like Purgefraud do exist.