Risk to the Operators

Today, fraud within the telecommunication domain is creating difficult obstacles for the industry. Regardless of the upsurge in technology and the operator’s awareness of different types of frauds, the industry is still facing problems, as shown in the recent survey held by “Communications Fraud Control Association”, which estimates that a cost of $40 billion arises from fraud within the telecom sector. In today’s challenging, competitive, and uncertain business environment, mitigating fraud is becoming crucial for telecom operators as many continue to experience revenue losses in the millions annually. As operators provide increasingly diverse, high margin services, they will continue to experience uncertainty in handling complicated types of frauds, which are increasing dramatically.

Operators will have to face a great challenge due to a continuous increase in fraud.

  • 1. Revenue Loss

  • 2. Missed calls, inability to call back and lack of or wrong CLI will result if there is bit stuffing of false CLI data.

  • 3. Frauds cost millions of dollars to operators annually

  • 4. Besides these monetary losses, the illegal use of GSM Gateways pose challenges in the form of QOS degradation.

  • 5. Poor voice quality, Increase in post dial delay and huge revenue loss as call are treated as local calls will ultimately effect the revenue of the operators.

  • 6. While in communications when a device enters with another mobile traffic this will result in radio spectrum congestion ultimately cause interference problems by wisely manipulating the spectrum that are already in use for under transmission hence causes increased call drops scenario.

  • 7. Causing Jitters