Purgefraud works on monthly and yearly services model with the operator/regulators to render its enhanced services of Test Call Generation (TCG) under the domain of TeraNet Test (TNT) service and CDR Analysis using innovative CAMS, to its clients. Purgefraud has diversified POPs available in several parts of the world from where it provides its composite services to its clients around the globe. Purgefraud has contracts with hundreds of different kinds of operators/regulators and the test call generator initiate the calls using the following methods:

  • • Fixed Line Operators network.
  • • Mobile Operators excluding MVNO network.
  • • Calling Cards network.
  • • IM Services providers network including Skype, GTalk, Yahoo etc.
  • • Whole Sales Carrier routes provider network.

When utilizing these services, our client is assured of detecting the bypass fraud in REAL-TIME and with these services Purgefraud doesn’t mean “Near to Real-Time.

Apart from these, Purgefraud has established its niche globally through its comprehensive techniques in Network Testing methodology as well, by facilitating Bypass/GSM gateway fraud detection services to their clients around the globe. The company maintains pride in meeting its goals by assuring client revenue streams with the ability to protect telecom networks served from any potential fraudulent upsurge in their use. Purgefraud offers a tremendous portfolio of Fraud Management capabilities to its clients by taking a best-of-breed approach that focuses on early detection, fast blocking action, on-going vigilance through testing, and real-time business intelligence gathering.

Extensive syndicated and customized Trunk Analysis is one of the essential domains of Purgefraud. Trunk interconnect data is analyzed based on test calls which have been generated from Purgefraud’s hundreds of internationally located probes or International Dial Out Locations (IDOLs).

Purgefraud is exuberantly working on path-breaking hybrid techniques and methodology to safeguard the Telecommunication sector from this manipulative bypass fraud prodigy. Our varied services at Purgefraud detect bottlenecks in a service via our end-to-end active testing operations to help identify, and eliminate interconnect bypass. These results in the proficient elimination of OTT fraud. We at Purgefraud provide a completely managed and flexible solution for all types of bypass fraud based on efficient counter-detection techniques, using boundless international routes.