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Purgefraud’s Bypass Fraud detection Software

Experience a cutting-edge revolution in Revenue Assurance by TeraNet Test Service

For customers, Purgefraud renders its indigenously designed TeraNet Test (TNT) services, a professionally comprehensive software developed to help detect bypass fraud in telecommunication networks. TeraNet is a stable, resilient, and effective Test, which proactively detects grey routes by constantly making automated test calls in real-time to client’s network. Purgefraud provides a free evaluation trial period, complete with technical support and training. The purpose of this evaluation trial is to enable the customer to operate, test and valuate Purgefraud’s TNT solution in a functional environment. This will incorporate TNT Test activity that will enable customer’s network to nip the fraud of illegal call termination in the bud by giving them an opportunity to assess the fraudulent activities as and when they are being carried out. During the trial period, Purgefraud will install and configure software applications and will assist the customer to determine the optimal system design based on the customer’s network.

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