CLI Availability Testing

Telecom pirates use new technological innovations like SIM servers to have control over SIM boxes residing anywhere around the world. To avoid detection, they tend to virtualize SIM cards so that SIMs can be assigned to modems and rotated between calls. By doing this, the traffic volume, which is dependent on a single SIM card, is abridged to the extent that it falls off the usage pattern analysis radar.

There are a number of ways that telecom pirates use to intercept phone calls and texts. Some of these are mentioned below.

CLI Deletion

  • Bit Stuffing of False CLICLI Deletion
    CLI Deletion

CLI Deletion is a type of telecom fraud in which fraudsters remove the CLI of the incoming call. With this method, the telephone number of the originating party will not be shown on the Caller ID Box. Accordingly, the immediately affected parties are the operators, the end users, and regulators.

Bit Stuffing of False CLI

  • Bit Stuffing of False CLIBit Stuffing of False CLI
    Bit Stuffing of False CLI

In telecommunication, bit stuffing is the insertion of non-information bits. Therefore, if a number is dialed showing the country code as well, the fraudster can manipulate that number by adding or deleting a few digits from it. As a consequence, the called party cannot recognize the actual number.

Emulating Traffic Stats, Usage Patterns (Rotating of SIMs)

Today, fraudsters use human behavioral software tools and traffic patterns, which allow the SIM box operator to emulate the behavior of network subscribers. On the basis of this, they can determine which calls are coming from real subscribers and which are coming from the test calls generation systems.

Effects of CLI Non-Availability

The following are the effects caused by the non-availability of CLIs, and in turn, a loss in revenue for operators:

  • • Missed Calls

  • • Inability to call back

  • • No or wrong CLI

Purgefraud’s capabilities to provide significant quality testing services are based on the investment in globally located call origination and termination points, allowing for the proficient identification of missing or manipulated CLIs (Calling Line Identification) via network test calls.

Purgefraud serves the forefront grounds in providing services for testing and identification of missing or manipulated CLIs (Calling Line Identification). The TeraNet Test Solution is the comprehensive approach of Purgefraud to detect fraudulent activity for intercepting phone calls and texts, with its up to date Test Call Generation System (TCGS).

In the case of Gray Route operators, genuine CLI information is either blocked or manipulated. It is an extremely important scenario for any operator, as the called party has no ability to return a missed call, for there is no identifying data.

CLI availability is also essential for the testing of Bypass fraud, as there are many cases where calls landing with either no CLI or wrong CLI, are later identified as a fraudulent number from the local network. Matching the operator’s network CDRs for specific test calls with those records generated by Purgefraud for the same call later identifies the missing CLI.