False Answer Supervision (FAS)

Purgefraud offers a comprehensive portfolio of Fraud Management capabilities by taking a best-of-breed approach that focuses on early detection, fast blocking action, on-going vigilance through testing, and real-time business intelligence gathering.

We at Purgefraud not only monitor and measure key network parameters, but also enable operators to take real-time action against potential occurrences of FAS before customers even know a problem exists.

Purgefraud incorporates its proactive analysis technique to carry out early detection and elimination of FAS and ensures that the customer is not charged for non-conversational air-time. Based on our results, clients are able to define routes with False Answer Supervision Fraud issues.

In addition, Purgefraud detects fake FAS indicators that simulate calls to numbers that are out of network coverage, which provide a false billable connection time to the calling party. The service pretends to be a real mobile carrier and plays back real mobile carrier service messages (e.g. “the number you are calling is not reachable at the moment, please, call back later”) while charging for this.

Purgefraud also provides services to detect early pickup and late disconnect fraud within our FAS services.