Network Audit and Consultation Services

One of the most significant obstacles facing many auditors today is how exactly to go about auditing the security of a network. Today, networks are complicated and with the advent of new technologies, it is to be assured that their network infrastructure is efficient and effective in providing value for money to maximize their business investment. Understanding and controlling the network has become a vital concern for IT driven companies.

Purgefraud, with its cutting edge services, provides ultimate Network Audit and Consultation to its clients, where the network serves as a primal component to their business processes.

Purgefraud offers its unique Network Audit services to scrutinize the penetration testing of the network by penetrating test calls for all of the features of its service. A unique characteristic exhibited by Purgefraud is the rendering of Audit services to the Operator’s Network traversing a daily to monthly basis. The consultancy report consists of all of the findings in the operator’s network and where the operator is potentially losing revenue with a summary and detailed reports.