OTT Bypass Fraud

Telecommunication frauds are mushrooming day-by-day and Over-the-top (OTT) Bypass fraud is setting up a difficult scenario for telecom operators. There are multiple platforms where OTT providers interrupt the services of operators.

OTT bypass fraud rests its foundation upon mobile-to-mobile calls and with the rising popularity of smart phones across the world, the threat of OTT bypass is increasing rapidly. OTT Bypass fraud efficaciously segregates itself from the legal communication model and consists of a scenario in which a call is initiated via ordinary conventional methods, incorporating cutting edge technology, and utilizing genuinely dialed voice call patterns. This genuine origination is then carried through a round-about of illegal and fraudulent international patterns and is terminated rightly to the predefined passage directing to the end user’s smart phone. The hijacking occurs when the voice traffic is redirected onto international telecommunications networks after its interception from originating mobile networks.

Today, perpetrators are illegally changing traditional means of international termination traffic. In a normal scenario, the onus is on the calling operator to pay the termination fee whenever a voice call or SMS is connected to the called operator for terminating a call on its network. However, due to the expansion of smart phones and OTT services, operator’s revenue streams are at risk.

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    OTT Bypass Fraud

Purgefraud is working on path-breaking hybrid techniques and methodology to safeguard the telecommunication sector from this manipulative bypass fraud prodigy. The varied services at Purgefraud can detect bottlenecks in a service via its end-to-end active testing operations as shown diagrammatically, to help identify, and eliminate bypass fraud. This results in the proficient elimination of OTT fraud. We at Purgefraud provide a completely managed and flexible solution for all types of bypass fraud based on efficient counter-detection techniques, using boundless international routes.