Short Message Service (SMS) Bypass Fraud

Revenue assurance has been a grave challenge for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) coping with the most recent trends of telecom fraud. SMS is in the beginning of a long-haul decline, however, its significance to operators is still imperative, both in terms of brand quality and revenue. It is presently more fundamental than ever for operators seeking to secure their revenues, to begin allocating resources towards specific key areas including revenue assurance relating to SMS interconnect, spam analysis, and counteractive action. With this, operators will not only secure their own revenue streams but will also be able to guarantee that their clients benefit from the best client experience possible.

MNO's have experienced large declines in SMS traffic revenues over the past five years, and are yet again confronted by new attacks on their revenues. Services like WhatsApp, and iMessage, along with many others, have transitioned revenues from the use of standard SMS to OTT applications over data networks provided by those same operators. Due to this fierce competition, the MNO’s business model is under threat. SMS Bypass fraud is truly posing serious trouble for telecom operators making the requirement to be competent in such a turbulent business environment indispensable.

SMS bypass can cause the following glitches in the operators’ network:

  • • Loss in revenue due to grey route SMS traffic and SMS spoofing
  • • Capricious loads on the network due to bulk SMS
  • • Degradation in reputation of the network due to SMS spamming.
  • SMS Bypass FraudSMS Bypass Fraud
    SMS Bypass Fraud

Purgefraud’s well-encompassing services can identify imbalances via its end-to-end active testing operations to help identify and eliminate discrepancies in the network caused by A2P SMS traffic. We at Purgefraud provide a fully managed and customizable solution to identify the actual and ‘grey route’ SMS while sending SMS from TCG SIMs using boundless international routes. This is carried out by generating timely and fully customized reports to our clients.