Quality of Service (QoS)

Purgefraud renders a QoS testing service to network operators to maintain specific measurable QoS on their international interconnects for incoming and outgoing traffic. Operators must manage their network Quality of Service (QoS). This will ensure network protection from potential frauds causing QoS degradation.

Purgefraud provides end-to-end Quality of Service network testing capabilities via its probes, located around the globe, known as International Dial Out Locations (IDOLs). This service includes the following testing capabilities:

  • • Post Dial Delay (PDD)
  • • Average Success Ratio (ASR)
  • • False Answering Supervision (FAS)

Purgefraud provides these services by making calls from the International Dial Out Locations (IDOLs) to the client premises or from the client to our IDOL locations.

System Upgrade

Purgefraud provides additional services to their clients by providing periodic system and feature upgrades, which not only includes the customization of reports but also offers the development of new reports residing in the client-reporting tool. This is free of charge to clients, while all existing clients receive version updates of the client tool with new reporting capabilities.

In addition to these reports, Purgefraud provides a one-page consultancy document, explaining all the details of the new reporting tool. This consultation is absolutely industry and operator centric, as to region, type of network, type of fraud, and trends observed. The major information shared with all clients is the region where such fraud occurred; reason(s) for the new report, what is the value added advantage of the new report, and the features of the report. Purgefraud’s clients find this feature useful, as they have a mobile telecom or fixed operator based platform where they are updated with upcoming and industry relevant information on what is happening in different parts of the world.