TCG System - TeraNet Test SIM Box Fraud Detection

The entity 'Bypass Fraud' is also known as ‘SIM Box Fraud’ or ‘Grey Routing’. The ‘Grey Market’ is mainly the outcome of ‘Voice’ traffic over the Internet, occurring when the Operator does not have adequate safeguards to stop the illegal routing of calls. The objective of the grey route operator is to bypass the International gateway using a SIM Box. Bypass fraud brings mobile traffic into a country and subsequently disguises it to appear as domestically originated traffic. Grey routes have become more prevalent in the last few years as a result of the increase in mobile voice traffic and available technology to deploy mobile network bypass processes. Bypass still exists on fixed line networks, however as stated above, the use of SIM Box Fraud has greatly increased due to higher mobile voice traffic, profitability, and ease of SIM Box Bypass deployment. With this setup, SIM Box owners are able to compete with carriers in wholesale markets where the SIM Box owner’s cost is much lower, resulting in major revenue losses for mobile carriers and their shareholders.

Purgefraud has established its niche globally through its comprehensive techniques in Network Testing methodology by facilitating Bypass/GSM gateway fraud detection services to their clients around the globe. The company maintains pride in meeting its goals by assuring client revenue streams with the ability to protect telecom networks served from any potential fraudulent upsurge in their use. The ultimate objective is to efficiently “clean” incoming traffic terminating through SIM boxes. Purgefraud not only executes an affordable solution for detecting bypass fraud, but also effectively closes the gap between detection and prevention. This will guarantee reliable detection of Bypass Fraud SIMs.

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    TCG System-SIM Box Fraud Detection

TeraNet Test (TNT) is a comprehensive service indigenously designed and developed by Purgefraud to help detect Bypass Fraud. TNT is the name of the service providing the active bypass / GSM gateway fraud detection. Test traffic is generated from hundreds of globally positioned probes known as International Dial Out Locations (IDOLs).

Our IDOLs reside in multiple countries, allowing Purgefraud to connect with its essential client networks to interconnect bypass network fraud in near real-time.

TNT’s primary focus is to detect and report fraud as soon as it enters the client’s network in order to avoid any loss of revenue due to bypass fraud. In connection with the actual network testing, customers can elect to immediately block the indicated fraudulent numbers (SIMs) or block them on a user-defined basis of any determinant time.