Trunk Analysis – “A” Number Interconnect Agreement Compliance Testing

Purgefraud provides extensive syndicated and customized Trunk Analysis to its clients. Trunk interconnect data is analyzed based on test calls which have been generated from Purgefraud’s hundreds of internationally located probes or International Dial Out Locations (IDOLs).

The instrumentality to accomplish the initiation of these types of network test calls is unique. Completed calls are needed to obtain the specific test CDRs from the operator client. The TNT service compares the call records with the trunks to analyze the right selection of the trunk for each international call. This helps the operator to avoid revenue loss due to refile Agreement misuse/improper routing and special discounted termination rates.

  • Trunk AnalysisTrunk Analysis
    Trunk Analysis

Another client benefit is the reconciliation of the service with the CDRs generated by the TNT system with the same calls from the operator client’s CDRs, which enables the identification of any revenue losses due to early charging, time stamping, and duration of the call.