Real-Time Reporting Tool

The Reporting Tool is an application designed for the clients to view reports. These reports are categorized on an hourly, daily, monthly and timely basis in summarized and detailed form. Clients can import data in different formats including PDF, Excel and CSV, etc. The Client Tool enables the client to view grey route reports based on time, hour, day, week, month, operator, and country.

The key functions of the Reporting Tool include but are not limited to the following:

  • • Display the total number of calls per day (or any specific time of the day).

  • • Display the total number of detected grey routes and numbers with No Caller ID information.

  • • Display the total number of detected grey routes based on operator and country.

TNT’s integrated system has the inbuilt capability of reporting grey routes in real-time by originating test calls from a number of different sources (GSM, Fixed, VoIP service providers and Calling cards) where the data is created, processed, dumped, and reported with minimal delay. Reporting time is given top priority, as it is crucial in terms of mitigating revenue loss.