Customized Web Portal

Purgefraud has a specially designed highly customizable web portal for it clients, which brings information solely from its database in a uniform method. Each set of data is allocated its own dedicated area for displaying appropriate information.

This web portal has ability to display significantly customizable tabs including Dashboards, Summary, Gateway Detection, Call Summary, Network Age, Change Password, Contact Us and Log out. These consequently result in a graphical representation by exhibiting graphs and pie charts to provide understanding in a more adequate pattern.

When TeraNet Test’s Web Portal is accessed, the reporting application starts, while the dashboard is fore mostly displayed showing a graphical view of “hourly total calls” and “hourly total grey calls”, where the vertical axis shows the total number of calls and the horizontal axis shows the number of days, while pie charts contain a comparison of percentages.

'Summary' is used to view call records of the required duration by specifying requirements. Moreover, 'Gateway-Detection' is used to view call records based on originating country, originating operator, received CLI, operator name (local), first seen date and time, last seen date and time, number of calls, days active, and hours active by specifying the required time duration.

'Call-Summary' displays the information related to "Bypass, Call Time, Originating Country, Originating Operator, Received CLI, Operator Name (Local), and Target CLI" by specifying the required time duration. 'Network-Age' is used to view the performance report of Purgefraud for different operators in terms of time and number of calls.

'Contact us' allows the client to register for any queries regarding reporting. 'Log out' simply allows the client to safely leave the portal.